Mobile Clinics

Istrodent specializes in the manufacturing of a wide range of mobile clinics. We have designed and built hundreds of medical, dental, ophthalmic and x-ray clinics into trailers, caravans, trucks, containers and trains.

All our clinics have 2 power supplies. One external for electricity and the other is a generator which is operated internally and can be used should electricity is not accessible. The generator is built into a safe compartment that has its own separate fuel tank, and can be operated easily from the inside of the clinic at a flick of a switch.

A built in compressor is situated at the front of the clinic in its own secured compartment.

A secured storage compartment is also provided for extra equipment if need be.

The mobile clinics have water tanks which are situated at the bottom of the clinic.

Each clinic is equipped with an awning that creates a shaded waiting area for patients. A large flat screen TV is stored in a secured hatch on the side of the vehicle underneath the awning, where waiting patients can watch an educational DVD that teaches them about oral hygiene.

All clinics are fully equipped with all the equipment necessary to run a fully functional practice.  This being a dental chair, x-ray unit and x-ray developer (digital available as well), W&H handpieces set, autoclave, mobile suction unit, cordless curing light, digital amalgamator, water distiller, UV lights and a needle incinerator.

The dental chair is foot controlled and is covered with special upholstery to enable better asepsis control. A special chair adaptor is connected to accommodate the dental light.

The dental unit which is wall mounted has 2 handpieces, manual controls, and a 3 in 1 syringe. A compressor will supply air pressure to the clean water system and unit. Water and air will be connected to the unit and will also be connected to the scaler and quick connectors.

An esthetically pleasing and durable cabinet with draws is fitted on the rear wall of the clinic and will include one sink and one cold water tap. A cabinet for the fridge and the autoclave will also be fitted in the clinic.

All our clinics are fitted with an air-con to provide a comfortable working environment for both the practitioner and the patient.  

Istrodent is using the same concept when manufacturing other mobile clinics including our mobile dental & eye clinic, which comes with the top of the range eye care equipment.

Istrodent, with its commitment to excellence, has perfected the manufacturing of mobile clinics.

Mobile Dental Clinic by Istrodent

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